The World is Our Market!

Fisher Nut Company

Ron Fisher, the founder, CEO and president of Fisher Nut Company, is a veteran of the California almond industry since 1980. Ron built the company by focusing on three fundamentals:

  • Superior service
  • Flexible market strategy
  • Highly competitive returns

For more than 30 years, Fisher Nut Company has continuously worked to expand production capabilities and meet or exceed customer expectations at every step of the sales, production and distribution process.

Dedication to Quality

The superior product quality and customer service you receive from Fisher Nut Company revolves around three permanent commitments:

  • Good agricultural practices
  • Comprehensive HACCP planning
  • Efficient manufacturing practices

Our manufacturing, order fulfillment and production processes are constantly improved and updated with the newest technologies and techniques available to the market, ensuring that our customers receive the highest product quality at the lowest price, every day.